Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Confession time: I am a Gleek and I'm not afraid to show it! A friend of mine told me a couple weeks ago that they were opening up 100 tickets to each of the 5 Glee Tour shows at Radio City Music Hall for $25 each, first come, first served.

We decided to go for it because hi, $25! I got in line around 8am last Wednesday since the box office opened at 10am. There were quite a few people in line and it seemed as though I was #120ish - not too bad since they had 500. I ended up getting tickets to our first choice - Friday, and we were thrilled. Our seats were orchestra but towards the back and to the right. When we walked in the first thing we noticed was that it seemed like we were at regionals! They even displayed the William McKinley High School logo on the curtain.Then, some Cheerios came out and handed out "barf bags".
Sue came onscreen and told us what they were for (I'm assuming she was saying we would need them to puke in cause the show would suck)...but I was too busy screaming because Jane Lynch (Sue) herself walked past with Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester) in tow! Jane continued down the aisle but Matthew sat three rows ahead of us with Ryan Murphy (creator).White arrow is pointing to Matthew Morrison's head.

The show started with Don't Stop Believin'. I was fa-reaking out. It was awesome. I used my mom's camera for this since mine died, so I didn't quite have it figured out yet. As a result, some pics are blurry.
The rest of the set-list was as follows:

1. Don't Stop Believing
2. My Life Would Suck Without You
3. Push It
4. Don't Rain On My Parade
5. Beautiful
6. Sweet Caroline
7. The Boy Is Mine
8. Lady Is A Tramp
9. Defying Gravity
10. Bust Your Windows11. Bad Romance
12. Dancing With Myself
13. It's My Life / Confessions

14. Halo / Walking On Sunshine15. Rehab (Vocal Adrenaline)
16. Mercy (Vocal Adrenaline)17. Jump

18. Faithfully / Any Way You Want It
19. Like A Prayer
20. True Colors
21. Somebody To Love

At one point Chris (Kurt), Corey (Finn), and Mark (Puck) walked past me. I wasn't able to get any pictures but I did get to high-five most of them. Here's a pic of Puck's arm though.
They also did some "skits". The first one was between Britney and Mr. Schuester on screen ("Mr. Schuester, what are all these people doing here?"). Then Britney talked to us ("There are these guys backstage called stage-hands. I made out with all of them"). Sue and Mr. Schuester also had a bit, but I don't remember exactly what was said. Just know that it was really funny! haha

Also, Mr. Schuester went up stage at some point and played Israel Kamakawiwo'ole versions of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with Puck, Mr. Schue on the uke and Puck on the guitar.

Overall, it was a fantastic show. Great songs, great performances. I love pretty much all of the people on the show (Rachel Berry, Puck, and Santana are my faves though).


Jennifer said...

That must have been so awesome. I think Brittany is my favourite. ("Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?")
I'd love to see the Vocal Adrenaline stuff--their dancing makes me like them more than New Directions sometimes, especially in Rehab.

Jessica said...

That. Is. AMAZING!!!!!!!! :) lol sounds like you had an awesome time!!!!

Laurie! said...

girl, you need to go to this post and get back on the blog wagon: http://cookscrapcraft.blogspot.com/2010/07/so-versatile.html

Hope all is well!