Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Awesome Night of Awesomeness

Ok, so last Wednesday was an awesome night of awesomeness. It was amazing, seriously just insane. Sometimes I don't even know how I pull some of this stuff off.

So, similar to how I went to the Harry Potter premiere to see if I could get a glimpse of the red carpet, I did the same on Wednesday to see The Time Traveler's Wife. My camera died, but since I had already met both Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana I wasn't too worried about getting pictures and I was planning on only staying for a few minutes anyway.

I got to the Ziegfield theater and there were quite a few people (although not nearly as packed as HP6) and I ended up standing near this young girl. I heard the tail end of her conversation to her friend where she said "I don't know why nobody believes me." I asked what they were talking about and she said they had an extra ticket to the actual movie and would be willing to sell it for $20. I thought it was shady but then she said I could walk in with them and THEN pay her and not to mention you also get free popcorn. Of course, free popcorn did it in for me. Not only would I be watching The Time Traveler's Wife 2 days early, I'd be watching it WITH the stars AND I'd get free popcorn? I'm in (also it costs $12 to see a movie in NYC anyway). I didn't have the cash on me though so I ran to Duane Reade to get money out and buy batteries. The line was too long for the batteries so I got the cash and took off back to the premiere.

The girl gave me my ticket and I went in. I saw a girl from Alloy's editorial department there on the red carpet waiting to interview Rachel McAdams. I yelled to her but she didn't hear or see me. I went in and got my popcorn, took a picture of the bathrooms with my phone and sat down.

My popcorn and my screening pass

Eric Bana and Rachel Adams walked in and sat down and everyone started yelling. Eventually people stopped, well, they stopped until BRAD FREAKING PITT walked in. Everyone went crazy. I took a really crappy picture with my phone (this is going to be a theme here, please bear with me)

That's Brad Pitt outlined in white.

So, the movie started and I took some pics if the movie so people would believe me, however, it doesn't matter now that the movie has been released in theaters. Ah well.

I will leave my comments about the movie for a different entry because I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone.

The movie ended, I wept, people cheered and Brad Pitt booked it out of there. I walked out and one of the theater employees said "Exit to the right, after party to the left". I did a quick turn to the left and walked to the bus that was taking people to the after party. I got to the bus and there was a security guard who wouldn't let me on. I saw another girl trying to talk her way onto the bus, too, so I started talking to her and found out she was a big Rachel fan and her name was Elyse. We decided to walk to the after party and see if we could walk in with the people on the bus and nobody would notice.

Well, that didn't happen. There were tons of security guards and tons of paparazzi there and nobody could get in without a special pass. This was a, and I quote, "cast-party put on by Warner Bros. and highly private". Elyse and I tried to talk our way into the party but they weren't letting us in so we walked around the block, talked to one of the drivers who said he was Rachel's driver (and now I think he was full of shit) and came back to the entrance.

I talked to the security guards some more, showed them how cooperative I was being when the paps were going crazy trying to get pics of Brad Pitt. Fast forward about an hour and some party-goers who had come out for a cigarette and saw us trying to talk our way into the party motioned for Elyse to walk over. They were leaving and they handed her a pass! The guards took everyone's pass when they walked in but they must have found that one while in there. Elyse felt bad, but had to catch a train to New Jersey so she walked in to the party and said she'd try to get me a pass.

I waited outside and talked to some of the paps who showed me their Brad Pitt pictures which I now recognize on some celeb sites. I also saw the girl who plays Young Claire and I told her she was great in the movie. She said thanks in her sweet little voice! So cute! I then saw Ron Livingston who plays Gomez and was also in Swingers and Office Space.

Elyse finally came out while I was talking to one of the security guards. She couldn't get another pass and had to hurry to catch her train. The guard asked me how she got in, I told him I didn't know (I didn't want to get anyone in trouble) and asked if he would please let me in. He started pushing me, or so I thought, he was actually slipping me a PASS! OMG! One of the paps asked me how my friend got in and I said our friend finally came and gave us our tickets so I was now going in too. Hehe.

I walked in with my pass, grabbed some champagne and went downstairs. The after-party was really swanky at Rouge Tomate on 60th and 5th ave. Everyone was in dresses and heels while I looked like a soccer mom in jeans, flip-flops, and a cardigan. When I got downstairs I spotted Rachel and was determined to talk to her. I made my way over to her and tried to strike up a conversation with people around me ("Sooo, do you work for Warner Bros?" Classy Lindsey, classy). She had a lot of people around her so I didn't want to interrupt and wait? is she talking to Brad Pitt? Um, wait, am I standing RIGHT NEXT TO BRAD PITT? I think I am! I have gone through the trouble of painting a little picture for ya. This is what it looked like:

I was so close to him I seriously could have pinched his ass. I definitely would have gotten kicked out, but still! Close enough to pinch! His ass was about 12 inches away from me. Brad's. Ass. Close to me.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes of me waiting for him to get done talking he walked away. Seriously, he was like a Time Traveler. One second he's there, the next he was gone! Although his clothes were too, so he must not have time traveled.

Ok....so Rachel started walking away and I started to follow her. Although, not creepily. There were a lot of people around and a few other girls who wanted to meet her too. So, we all went up to her and shook hands with her. Then I talked to her about art because she had to learn papermaking for the movie. She's so freaking nice and pretty and awesome and skinny and oh man, her dress! I wanted to ask her if she had it taped on but I thought that would be inappropriate and I was supposed to be a WB employee so I couldn't. The girls must have been around my age, but I don't think worked for WB either, so I felt ok asking for a picture with her. I only had my camera phone and sadly, it didn't turn out. Here's the pic:

But I did photoshop it a bit and lighten it up and it's much easier to see:


So I got my picture and she had to make her rounds and she left. I then decided I would try to get an autograph from Eric Bana for "my niece who loves him" (aka my brother's girlfriend). I had to use the bathroom first (free champagne! and food!) so I took a pic in the bathroom cause I was so pumped. I was all FACCCEEE.

I may or may not have stolen a wine glass at this point. HINT:

(Hey! I needed a souvenir! Also, please note: my signed poster in the background, ahahaha)

I also took a pic of this one area with like a little pond and some candles. Can't really see it but whatev.

Eric Bana was sitting down with his wife most of the time, so I didn't get an autograph. I did say "HiILovedYouInTheMovie" to him and he asked how I was doing kinda awkwardly, but that's the extent of the Eric Bana interactions. He was too busy schmoozy with people like the director and junk. I mean, who's more interesting/important, me or the director? NO brainer Eric Bana! Remember our joke about the shoes? Sheesh. I swear, it's like he never knew me.

Anyway, it was about 1:30am at this point and I was tired and a lot of people had left (including BFF's Rachel and Brad Pitt's ass) so I hopped on the N train (local after midnight, dammit) and did some Sudoku puzzles on the train on the way home. I'm so G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, ahahaha.

Phew! Long entry.