Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Epic of Epic Epicness

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a story about Toronto resident Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) who is the bassist for the Sex Ba-bombs. He meets the girl of his dreams (literally) only to find out that he has to defeat her 7 Ex-Boyfriends in order to date her.

The movie is based off of a series of graphic novels and is a very highly anticipated film, so when my friend asked me if I wanted to go I was like "Hells yeah!" This movie has been on my radar for awhile now, even without having read the graphic novel beforehand. I knew Michael Cera was in it and with Edgar Wright as the director I had a hunch this movie would be good. I was not disappointed one bit.

The screening theater was not as packed as I thought it would be, but everyone in there was very excited. We were told right off the bat that the movie was not completely finished yet: the credits were still being created and wire-work was visible in some of the fight scenes. Luckily, it didn't take away from the film at all and a lot of the gaming and graphic novel related graphics were already included.

The movie opens just like you'd expect, with gaming music and a pixelated version of the production company's logo (I believe it was Universal). The audience applauded and laughed from the start and we continued like that for 2 hours. I was amazed at the detail that was put into the movie, from the music, to the graphics, to the text on screen detailing different aspects of each character - everything that was included gave that extra punch.

Each character was hilarious and the actor's portrayals were awesome. Michael Cera was definitely good (he's got the "weird" thing down pat) but the real scene stealer was Ellen Wong as the young and lovestruck Knives Chau. The moment she appears on screen she had us laughing and "awwwing" at the same time. She gets a tad crazy as the movie progresses, but remains cute throughout the story.

Brandon Routh and Chris Evans, who both played an ex-boyfriend, also stood out. Routh's character Todd Ingram derives his psychic power from his vegan-ism which is hilarious because of the relevancy to our time. Evan's character Lucas Lee is an action star whose one-liners are noteworthy and definitely "CSI: Miami cheesy".

Everything else about Scott Pilgrim vs. The Word was 4 star including the screenwriting (dialogue was spot-on "If I pee my pants will you pretend it was from the rain?") the editing (the cuts and transitions were phenomenal). Overall, I highly recommend this movie and can't wait to see it again in August.

I seriously cannot talk this movie up enough. The trailer was released on the same day I saw the movie and it does not do it justice.

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Jessica said...

that sounds awesome!!! You are always seeing the latest and greatest in the movie world :) lol hopefully I can convince someone to take me to see this in August, or a car will magically appear out of the sky to transport me there!