Friday, November 14, 2008

The blog in which I talk about public transportation

Ah, the joys of public transportation. If you've never experienced it before, you're definitely missing out. I take the subway to and from work everyday. Usually I transfer to an express train because I'm pretty much always running late. This is good in that it shaves about 10 minutes off my commute to work, which means I'm 10 minutes less late than I would be had I stayed on the local train. It's bad though because it's usually packed.

Today was no exception. I am really tired today. Not just normal tired, but whole body tired. Like, my arms ache to hold up my book or hold onto the pole. I think it's because of yoga on Wednesday which I have a love/hate relationship with. Anyway, so today I was just thinking how great it would be for someone sitting down to leave the train so I could sit. Lo and behold, on the Atlantic Avenue stop the person sitting in front of me left. I don't think I've ever been so happy to sit down.

I pretty much sighed happily as I sunk down on the plastic seat and nestled into the germ ridden side rail (hey, it's not like I licked it or something). I thought to myself "Ah, shit yes. I have never needed a seat so much in the morning as I do now." I was content.

I thought someone was gonna have to pry me out of the seat when I got to my stop and I imagined a giant spatula slipping under me and lifting me up. This is how my mind works.

Anyway, it was a good ride, but most of the time, getting on the subway makes me want to throw myself onto the third rail. So, I give you my list of Top 5 Annoying Things about the subway in order of frequency.

1. People listening to their iPods too loud.
  • This is most annoying when you can hear theirs over your own. I'm sorry but I don't want to hear "bum, bum, chhh, bum, bum chhhh" or your Celine Dion playlist. Turn that crap down.
2. People chewing gum loudly.
  • Are we seeing a pattern with the noises thing? I think so. I swear, I want to rip the gum out of the people's mouth and say "didn't your momma ever teach you manners?"
3. People leaning on one of the poles in a packed subway train.
  • I usually end up pushing my hand onto the pole in a really uncomfortable spot so they'll move.

4. People's purses/bags.
  • I swear, bags are getting bigger exponentially. I seriously saw this girl with a bag the size of herself. I'm not kidding. It almost hit the floor. Is that really necessary?
  • And when you push me with your bag, I just might hit you.

5. I'm sad to even say that I've seen this 3+ times in the past month, but when people cut their nails on the train.
  • Seriously? You're seriously cutting your nails? Really? Disgusting.
So that is all. This morning did not have any of the above 5, thank God.


Laurie said...

Do you ever wonder if you would be as annoyed with people if you lived elsewhere in the United States? For me, I think it's time that NYC and I took a break. Cuz I have way too much anger (and I don't even ride the subway!!) and part of me feels like I should really take steps toward liking people again. :)

OleĊ„ka said...

I don't know if people do this in the States too, but in Tallinn the latest "cool" trend in buses was to play music from your phone really loud, for all your little friends to hear (this was usually done in a group of young teens o 5+ people.) They irritated the absolute hell out of me and I had to restrain myself from shouting at them so many time. Annoying brats.

Cereal Connoisseur said...

@ Laurie: I think that's probably the case. I think living in NYC you have to be annoying proof or something. I need a force field to keep people's annoyness away. I definitely don't get as annoyed when I go home, but then again, they aren't as annoying.

@Aleks: Oh man, sometimes people will do that. I think it's illegal to do it on the subway trains though. I feel ya though. I have to restrain myself from punching people in the face.