Sunday, January 25, 2009

Real food for dinner

"Do you know what I use my oven for?" "Warming your pants in the morning?" "Yes! And it feels good."
So, the name of my blog is getting to be somewhat of a lie. As I posted about below, one of the things I want to do this year is to cook more. I've never been much of a cook. At all. It's mostly because I am so freaking lazy sometimes, but also because I'm not very good at it. Buuut, I'm being a good girl and have made myself dinner (and by made, I don't just mean preparing boxed mac and cheese instead of a frozen meal, I actually mean cooking) the past two nights.

Tonight, I'm making pork chops slathered in mushroom soup and having a baked potato with a side salad and a large glass of ice water with lemon. Part of the plan is to make extra so I can have it for lunch too. I'm becoming a house mom guys!

Might not sound all that appetizing to some, but it's a lot better than a Lean Cuisine, that's for sure. Sorry I don't have any pictures. It took awhile to make and by the time I was done, I just wanted to eatt!

I think the main thing about my 27 Things list is that I'm not really doing it as a New Years Resolution. I don't mind if I don't keep them all, in fact, that's why there's so many. It's just the striving to do them--the process, if you will--that I'm enjoying. I like the fact that I feel more in control over things and that I can change myself and my actions if I just decide to. Yeah, I'm getting a little deep, soooo, here's a picture to offset that.
Chef Lindsey! Tee hee.


Oleńka said...

I applaud you! :) I've always been the same - never ever cook - and having a chef boyfriend isn't really helping that... but since I've moved out I've become a lot better. Do you like fish? I have a really nice trout with pasta in white whine sauce recipe I got from Simon if you're interested :) Although I forgot it in St Andrews so I can only give it to you after Feb 9th when I go back!

Oleńka said...

I just realised, the recipe is actually for chicken, but works either way:))