Friday, May 28, 2010

I wanna rock!

So, one of the best things about living in NY is meeting people who have all kinds of jobs. Purse designers, Rockettes costume sewers, writers, actors, scientists. I know people who work for ad agencies, the museum of natural history, Sports Illustrated, NBC, law firms, the mayors office.
I have a friend who works for the Broadway League and since she knew my time in NY is limited, she decided to give me free tickets to some shows!
First up, last Friday I went and saw the Broadway play Race. Race, which opened in Dec. 2009 and stars David Alan Grier, James Spader and Kerry Washington, is a drama about a team of lawyers tasked with defending a white man accused of raping a black woman.

I enjoyed the play. The back-and-forth dialogue between the three main characters was fantastic and keeps you on your feet. I will admit, however, that some of it felt forced. I'm not sure if it's the nature of performance acting, but it did take me out of it at times.
Last Saturday I was able to see Rock of Ages. What a fun show! Rock of Ages, starring Constantine Mouralis of American Idol fame, is basically a rock show in script format. I laughed so much during this show and the music was awesome. The story, which chronicles a group of people working at a bar in the 80's, never dragged and was engaging. They gave out these "lighters" to hold up during the power ballads! Loved it!

Before I leave NY, I'm going to try to get lottery tickets for Wicked!

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